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AI is poised to revolutionize sales by turning data into valuable insights and connections, transforming how businesses engage with customers. It's not just about selling; it's about creating meaningful relationships in the digital age."
Sam Altman

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What makes Reachy so great...


Connect multiple LinkedIn accounts seamlessly per campaign

Send unlimited connection requests by auto-rotating through multiple synchronized LinkedIn accounts without exceeding LinkedIn's daily limit

Reachy maximizes your chances of making connections by switching between accounts until your are successfully connected to your most important leads.

✅ Unlimited daily connections
✅ Safeguard against LinkedIn restriction
✅ User-friendly accounts management
✅ Achieve an impressive 60%+ connection rate

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reach out to people at the right time

Identify people based on what they do, not only who they are

With Reachy, you can identify individuals based on their LinkedIn activities, not just their profiles.

Our platform enables you to conduct searches that consider demographics as well as signals detected on LinkedIn, making it easier to incorporate relevant prospects into your outreach.

✅ Recruiters just posting job offers
✅ Professionals in new positions
✅ Individuals following competitors
✅ People engaged with posts
✅ People attendees an event

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Collect as many data points from LinkedIn as available

LinkedIn offers a wealth of valuable information that can significantly improve your ability to identify your ideal customer persona.

Reachy takes advantage of this wealth of data and carefully connects these various data points to help you establish your Ideal Customer Profile, accomplished through the creation of a sophisticated knowledge graph.

Demographics - country, job title, company, skills, gender, school, years of experience, spoken language...
Communication channels - Email, Twitter, phone
Social scoring - Number of followers, recommendations & post likes
Tags - Profile relevant keywords
Enhanced AI fields - Prompt new field summarizing and combining profile info

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MAKE the best first impression

Send personalized messages in bulk

You can send an unlimited number of icebreakers by seamlessly rotating through your synchronized LinkedIn accounts.

Reachy leverages the power of the OpenAI GPT-4 Model to improve your messages, leading to a higher response rate with fewer follow-ups required.

✅ Reformulation and spelling fixes
✅ Auto-translation into the prospect's language
✅ Use prospect info to personalize your message with dynamic patterns
✅ Experience an impressive 30%+ response rate

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Features included in all plans

Including the free plan...
  • LinkedIn people search
  • LinkedIn active recruiters search
  • Linkedin company followers search
  • LinkedIn groups/events attendees
  • Sales Navigator search (Only one Sales Navigator license required for all accounts)
  • Automatic sequence (search, visit, connect, DM)
  • OpenAI Assisted personalized messages (summarize, generate, reformulate, translate)
  • Deep Analytics (Ideal Customer Profile identification & segmentation)
  • Campaigns benchmarking
  • CSV Import/Export

An affordable offer for everyone...

Full access. You get all the features with all plans.


Unlimited OpenAI prompts
Get time for a trial
  • 1 LinkedIn account
  • 50 contacts per campaign
  • All features included
  • +400 monthly LinkedIn connections


Get time for a free trial
  • 1 LinkedIn account
  • 50 contacts per campaign
  • All features included
  • +400 monthly LinkedIn connections


per month
one seat       
Best for entrepreneurs
  • 1 LinkedIn account
  • 2500 contacts per campaign
  • All features included
  • +400 monthly LinkedIn connections
  • Unlimited OpenAI prompts
  • Export to CSV


per month
per seat
Great for agencies
  • As many LinkedIn accounts as needed
  • Auto rotating accounts
  • 2500 contacts per campaign
  • All features included
  • Unlimited monthly LinkedIn connections & direct messages
  • Unlimited OpenAI prompts
  • Export to CSV


per month
You save $5951*
Best unleashed power
  • Unlimited LinkedIn accounts
  • Unlimited contacts
  • All features included
  • Unlimited monthly LinkedIn connections
  • Unlimited OpenAI prompts
  • Export to CSV
GET STARTEDSpecial Lifetime Deal 2499$

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Reach out to the right audience

Harpon helps you to find people that will love your product 🚀

The perfect solution to easily talk to people that will be keen to help you to design a product that they are waiting for.

Contacts List
Messages Inbox
Analytics Panel

Your Harpooners

Committed talents enhanced by in-house AI-based software

Chris - Partnerships Builder - Harpon
Head of Partnerships

Alex - Community Growth Lover - Harpon
Head of 

Naya - Great Experience Designer - Harpon
Head of

Head of

Title copy goes here

Prospection is painful.

Painful for Sales - Spammy for People - Banned by Platforms

It is more and more easy to find out people you don’t know on internet, expecting baiting a hook and catching a big fish… That is the way many so-called “experts” explain how to make social selling today. Anyone can have access to thousands of people thanks to social medias, people are now accessible almost anywhere in the world. LinkedIn, as the first professional social network, gives you access to more than 875 Millions professionals, and grow fast as 3 new people join the platform each second!

As many people want to get a part of this big cake, you have hundreds of automation tools to support lead generation despite LinkedIn intents to stop it. More is not better when we think about building a sustainable business relation. Most of tools don’t care about people. There is only one objective, convert a maximum of people in a minimum of time to have the opportunity to sell something that people probably don’t need.  No matter how much it costs. Who cares? LinkedIn and other platforms are struggling to maintain a high-quality network of connected people to keep their audience. Inbox are plenty of job offers, exceptional services, or event invitations… Most of people start selling or pitching straight away whereas nobody cares. Seriously – who expects you to be interested in a sales pitch from someone you just met? Is that sustainable? We don't think so.

How do Harpon tackle it?
Harpon is able to reach out people that have recently reacted on a post/video/article on the social medias linked to the topic you would like to talk about with them.
Harpon embed an AI in charge of finding similar people that you have successfully engaged, and refine your search criteria automatically to target people with the highest probability to make a match.

Title copy goes here

Everything starts with a human relation.

People invest in a sustainable relation, not a product

Outreach is the Art of getting interest from people don't know you. Till now technology was a key asset to build a great company. Keep it secret, patent an innovation, as the value was in the technology.Today, Technology is superseded by the brand in a more and more connected world. This has started by social networks leveraging for B2C, then B2B giving birth to new jobs: influencers, copywriters, ghostwriters, growth hackers…

Your employees are your company representatives and the way that they interact on the social medias reinforces the awareness of your company brand.

The relation that we have with our business has evolved. The boundary between our personal and professional life does not exist anymore. Digital & Social revolutions contribute to this new paradigm:
- we don’t want a colleague, but a friend
- we don’t want a job, but a passion
- we don’t want a boss, but a role model
- we don’t want a tool, but an experience

So what does it mean for business?

How do Harpon tackle it?
Harpon is able to manage a team and let any member of the team contributes to a specific campaign. The members can be employees, suppliers, customers, partners...
Each member can attract relevant people. Harpon embeds an AI in charge of finding in the team, the most appropriate member to reach out a specific profile, depending on the age, the gender, the expertise...
To be noticed, each team member has only access to her/his own inbox. You can connect or send a message through Harpon but you never have access to the inbox content.

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Community is the new Goldmine.

Build your future friends, passion, role models, and partners

Product Led Growth, aka PLG, trend  relies on a strong a community. PLG is the art of building a product that sells by itself, relying on the word of mouth as the main customer acquisition channel. Most of the recent successful companies are based on a PLG strategy. In this approach, the community of users is a key component of the success. No Community, no Sales. The product or service has to be drastically promising for a core users. But the story behind the product and the associated team matters even more. First adopters will attract new people who will share the same passion for the team behind the product. Your best asset today is your community, people that will never consider another solution than the one you provided them. They have faith in the team. This is powerful, a religion that many companies understood before others… And that is becoming the main stream in doing business.

A Community will be your strongest company asset.
- They will inspire you to get new ideas
- They will recommend you to get new talents
- They will defend you when haters will dare bother you
- They will buy and recommend your product rather than the one from someone they don’t know

Community is a powerful instrument, so why do you let someone else (platform owners) take the control on it?

How do Harpon tackle it?
Harpon allows you to manage several campaigns: talent recruitment, leads generation, users interviews, event invitation...
By launching an Harpon campaign, you will grow your personal social network with relevant people. Each time you will make a post on that network, it will automatically be pushed to people with whom you already have one-to-one discussions. That is the way social networks use to propagate your posts inside the network.
By using Harpon, you will increase automatically your posts and company brand visibility.

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Platforms vanish but people remain.

Protect the access to the community that you built

The challenge is no more to create yet another platform, but the ability to reach out people where they are and be connected, wherever they are. Find people that bring you value, follow them and talk to them about something matters to you. You do need a privileged channel to that people wherever they are.

In most of the social medias, you have the “Dark Social”, your personal inbox, and this is actually your real community. People with whom you have a close one-to-one discussion, like your personal contact directory in your phone. You know people and they know you. Social medias objective is to gather people are consuming the same content. More haters you generate, more comments you get, and more visibility you have. You have to choose people that you want to join your own social network, your community.

The future of social networks is not what you see today. It is the sustainable relation you build with people you have chosen. People you will accept in your private network, your digital home.

So Own it and Protect it.

How do Harpon tackle it?
Harpon is a desktop app, meaning that it is not hosted in the cloud. Everything you do is local and private. You directly interact with the social medias through Harpon.
Harpon will find the best available channel to access to your community members: LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Twitter, Reedit, email... If a channel is closed, Harpon will automatically use another one.
To ensure the company to access the community, Harpon will automatically connect all the team members each time a community member has be tagged as a good fit.

Harpon in Motion

Let's have a Product Tour 🚀

Experience a smart way to close deals starting by a conversation...

A Unique All-in-one outbound solution for sales automation

From Ideal Customer Profile to Smart Search Engine
Smart Search Engine

Advanced Machine Learning
 Algorithm in charge of finding
your highest probable fit
through multiple
social networks

From Smart Search Engine to Icebreaker
Ideal Customer Profile

Audience Automatically Segmented by "Good Fit"
and feed back the smart
search engine to get
qualified leads

From Icebreaker to Ideal Customer Profile
ICEBREAKER & Follow-up

Focus on a Human to Human
first cold message and
Harpon will manage
the best time to follow-up
in a respectful way

Smart Search Engine

Focus first on the MARKET...

Why do you need Harpon?

Before shipping a product, it's important to understand the pains of your target audience.

Reaching out to people and gathering feedback can be time-consuming and often requires a lot of effort. However, with Harpon, you can automate the process of reaching out to the right people.

By using Harpon, you validate people interest, gather valuable insights and decide how to market your product.

Ideal Customer Profile

Find the right people at the right time

Target People that Matter...

Momentum is key...

Harpon makes it easy to target people not only based on job title, company size, country, expertise, but also on their current topic of interest.

Harpon helps you to get the answer quickly and start to connect you to people that will sign-up to your product if there is a Market traction.

Respectful Icebreaker & Follow-Ups

Let's spread the right message!

Ask Respectfully

As humans, we love to help others, especially if we can sound like experts in our field.

By using a humble approach and saying that you would love their help and want input from their experience, people are more likely to engage with you. This is where Harpon comes in handy.

So why wait? Start using Harpon today and take your customer outreach efforts to the next level!

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Average conversion rate
More effective in hearing
back than email or cold calls
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