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Reachy arrived just when I needed it, especially after leaving Dripify due to their rigid pricing. For a bootstrapping founder seeking their first customers, Reachy is an invaluable asset.
Highly recommended!
Maximilian A. Gutsche
Bootstrapped Co-Founder
I've integrated Reachy into my cold emailing strategy to enhance my outreach efforts. With Reachy, I'm managing 6 to 8 LinkedIn accounts within a single campaign, which saves significant time and resources. It's perfect for scaling outreach operations. Plus, Reachy runs locally on your machine, making it safer than other LinkedIn outreach tools I've used in the past.
Tijana Jovic
Five Element Co-Founder
Hungary is a game-changer for anyone looking to streamline their LinkedIn outreach efforts. Its time-saving features, accuracy, personalization capabilities, detailed analytics, ease of use, and excellent customer support make it an indispensable tool for reaching out to target customers on LinkedIn effectively.
Umesh Bobe
Business Development Manager
I've been using Reachy for several months now, and I am extremely satisfied with its features. This tool has allowed me to automate my prospecting in a simple and fast way, significantly increasing my efficiency. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their prospecting processes. It takes just 5-10 minutes to set up a campaign, and I generate three times more leads in one-third of the time!
Matthias Carbonell
Job in KSA Co-Founder
Saudi Arabia
Reachy is a game-changer for building business relationships and accelerating your business growth. Its powerful features streamline the process, making it easier than ever to expand your network and boost your outreach efforts. Give Reachy a try, and you'll wonder how you ever managed without it!
Kelsey Lindsay
Upside Branding Founder
Reachy saves me a lot of time by identifying and adding new contacts to my network. With targeted and automated campaigns, it allows me to send many dozens of invitations per day. Highly recommended!
Yoann Thenot
Freelance Digital Strategy Consultant | Ex-Qonto | Ex-Fnac | Ex-L'Oréal
I've been searching for a tool to implement across our team, and caught my eye. Its LinkedIn outreach copilot functionality are the perfect fit for our needs here at Notion.
Andrew Porter
Account Executive
Notion | Ex-Segment
The most fascinating aspect of Reachy for me is the ability to automate 400 connection requests—no other tool offers that. Additionally, gaining access to 2,500 contacts and seamlessly moving them to sequencing or enrichment tools is incredible.
Enzo Carasso
Morning Leads Founder
I've tried many other outreach tools before, but none offered the same level of control since Reachy operates locally. This allows me to fully leverage my verified and long-standing account, maximizing its potential.
Barthelemy Auper
Founder and Managing Director
Reachy is an easy-to-use platform for LinkedIn prospecting. It has all the essential features, including AI capabilities that personalize messages and increase response rates by up to five times. The support team is attentive and continually develops the tool based on user feedback.
Stanislas Fortune
Devoleads Founder

Trusted by start-up founders and entrepreneurs selling B2B products at


What makes Reachy so great...


Connect multiple LinkedIn accounts seamlessly per campaign

Send unlimited connection requests by auto-rotating through multiple synchronized LinkedIn accounts without exceeding LinkedIn's daily limit

Reachy maximizes your chances of making connections by switching between accounts until your are successfully connected to your most important leads.

✅ Unlimited daily connections
✅ Safeguard against LinkedIn restriction
✅ User-friendly accounts management
✅ Achieve an impressive 60%+ connection rate

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reach out to people at the right time

Identify people based on what they do, not only who they are

With Reachy, you can identify individuals based on their LinkedIn activities, not just their profiles.

Our platform enables you to conduct searches that consider demographics as well as signals detected on LinkedIn, making it easier to incorporate relevant prospects into your outreach.

✅ Recruiters just posting job offers
✅ Professionals in new positions
✅ Individuals following competitors
✅ People engaged with posts
✅ People attendees an event

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Collect as many data points from LinkedIn as available

LinkedIn offers a wealth of valuable information that can significantly improve your ability to identify your ideal customer persona.

Reachy takes advantage of this wealth of data and carefully connects these various data points to help you establish your Ideal Customer Profile, accomplished through the creation of a sophisticated knowledge graph.

Demographics - country, job title, company, skills, gender, school, years of experience, spoken language...
Communication channels - Email, Twitter, phone
Social scoring - Number of followers, recommendations & post likes
Tags - Profile relevant keywords
Enhanced AI fields - Prompt new field summarizing and combining profile info

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MAKE the best first impression

Send personalized messages in bulk

You can send an unlimited number of icebreakers by seamlessly rotating through your synchronized LinkedIn accounts.

Reachy leverages the power of the OpenAI GPT-4 Model to improve your messages, leading to a higher response rate with fewer follow-ups required.

✅ Reformulation and spelling fixes
✅ Auto-translation into the prospect's language
✅ Use prospect info to personalize your message with dynamic patterns
✅ Experience an impressive 30%+ response rate

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All Features coming for Free

Reachy stands up for Students, Unemployed and Solopreneurs

We understand the importance of a strong professional network for securing internships, jobs, and first customers.

By supporting others, you get your free access to Reachy 💜

  • 1 LinkedIn Account
  • LinkedIn WarmUp system to quickly & safely reach 500 connections
  • Safe Automation system to prevent any LinkedIn ban risk
  • 2500 Contacts per campaign
  • 80 connection requests and direct messages per day
  • Signals-based search: people actively recruiting, people attending an event/group, people following a company or an influencer, people reacting on a post
  • Demographics refinement (Company size, country, job title, industry, school, skills, age...)
  • LinkedIn & Sales Navigator search
  • Unlimited searches & campaigns
  • Automatic sequence (search, visit, connect, message)
  • OpenAI GPT-4o Assisted personalized messages (summarize, create, reformulate, translate)
  • Deep Analytics (Ideal Customer Profile identification & segmentation)
  • Campaigns benchmarking
  • Discord Community & Notification
    CSV Import contacts from third-parties (Apollo, Clay, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Google Sheets...)

An affordable offer for everyone...

Full access. You get all the features with all plans.

Subscribe to a Solo, Start-Up, or Scale-Up Plan Today and
Secure your seats at an unbeatable Price of just $9 per seat, Forever!


 per month   
Start outreaching on LinkedIn
  • 1 LinkedIn account
  • 50 contacts per campaign
  • All features included
  • 1200 monthly LinkedIn connections & direct messages
  • Unlimited OpenAI prompts


per month       
Fair for entrepreneurs
  • Exclusively dedicated to your business (No imposed invitation)
  • All free features included
  • 1200 monthly LinkedIn connections & direct messages
  • Export Contacts
  • Discord/LinkedIn Support

Start-Up Team

per month     
Best for start-ups
  • 3 LinkedIn accounts
  • Auto rotating accounts
  • 240 connection requests and direct messages per day
  • All Solo features included
  • 3600 monthly LinkedIn connections & direct messages
  • Phone Support

Scale-Up Team

per month
Great for fast-growing teams
  • Unlimited LinkedIn accounts
  • Auto rotating accounts
  • Unlimited connection requests and direct messages per day
  • All Start-Up features included
  • 8400 monthly LinkedIn connections & direct messages
  • Phone Support

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